Lab Genomics, accelerates development of high-quality gene chip slide glass

Lab Genomics (CEO Jin Seung-hyeon), a molecular diagnostic bioventure company, is jointly conducting a 'high-quality gene chip slide glass development project' with Gachon University (Professor Young-su Yoon's team of Environmental Energy Engineering). This was selected as a technology development project in Gyeonggi Province on the 3rd.

Based in the Seongnam region of Gyeonggi-do, this project, which is conducted through cooperation between venture companies and universities, and research funds for the Gyeonggi-do technology development project, is considered a good example of industry-university cooperation. The development of high-quality gene chip slide glass aims to improve the quality and performance of slide glass used as a basic material for the DNA chip, a diagnostic kit used for diagnosing 'HPV (human papilloma virus)' infection. It is expected that it will be able to solve various problems that are occurring in the existing production method.

“Through this project, technology necessary for manufacturing high-quality gene chip slide glass and mass production technology will be developed together,” said Jong-won Kim, R&D director of Labgenomics. He also said, "We plan to supply slide glasses for gene chips at home and abroad in the future."

An official from Lab Genomics said, "I am very happy that the currently active molecular genetic diagnosis product development project has been selected as a research support project by the government and local governments one after another." In addition, he said, "We will accelerate our entry into the domestic as well as overseas markets by producing competitive and excellent products within a certain period of time."

Meanwhile, prior to this, Labgenomics announced that it would develop 'Labgenius TM)', a miniaturized testing device for molecular genetic diagnosis. This project was selected as the ‘Global Commercialization Linked Technology Development Project’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy on the 26th and will receive R&D support of 1.2 billion won.

2014 MCARE14 (Materials Challenges In Alternative & Renewable Energy) 

Conference: 2014_MCARE14 (Materials Challenges In Alternative & Renewable Energy)

Date: 2014.02.10-21

Location: Clear water in USA / Auburn University

Participants: Professor, Dr. Ji Seung-hyun, Dr. Lee Seok-hee, Lee Kang-su, Lee Yu-na, Lee Ji-ye

ACEPS-7 Osaka Society

We attended the Asia Society of Electrochemical Energy Devices held in Osaka from November 24 to 27, 2013.

2013 Korea Atomic Energy Society Fall Conference, Excellent Poster Selection

Academic Conference Name : 2013 Fall Conference

Academic presentation schedule : October 23 ~ 24, 2013

Presentation paper title : Zirconium and Vanadium Composite as Inter-diffusion barrier between Metallic Fuel and Clad Material

Author name : Kang-Soo Lee, Seung-Hyun Jee, Seok-Hee Lee, Sung-Pil Woo, You-Na Lee, Young-Soo Yoon 

[Korean Society] AEPSE 2013 in Jeju.

Conference attendance and lab unity.

[International Conference] France "E-MRS" / Germany "PBFC"

Conference attendance and lab unity.

[Seminar] USA "Auburn Univ."

November 19, 2012

Dr. Seok-Hee Lee, Kang-Soo Lee, Seong-Pil Woo

Seminar and business trip to Auburn University, USA