International Conference on Electronic Materials and

Nanotechnology for Green Environment, ENGE 2020 

November 1-4, 2020 Ramada Plaza, Jeju, Korea

ENGE 2020 (International Conference on Electronic Materials and Nanotechnology for Green Environment) was held in Jeju from November 1 (Sun) to 4 (Wed), 2020. At this international conference, researchers from 17 countries around the world, including universities and research institutes, presented more than 1,300 latest research results. In this laboratory, research capabilities in display and battery fields were revealed by presenting research results in the fields of organic and organic-inorganic hybrid light-emitting materials and devices and lithium and sodium ion batteries.

2020 The Korean Ceramic Society, KCERS 

November 23-25, 2020 DCC, Daejeon, Korea

The Fall Conference of the Korean Ceramic Society was held simultaneously on and offline at the Daejeon Convention Center (DCC) from November 23 (Mon) to 25 (Wed), 2020.

In this laboratory, we have prepared an opportunity to broaden our perspective on future prospects by participating in the four major future technology symposiums, including energy materials, and the symposium of materials innovation leading projects in the ceramic field. In particular, at the Energy Environment Ceramics Session 4, by presenting research results in various energy materials fields such as fuel cell catalysts, separators, OLEDs, thermal cells, and cathode materials for lithium ion batteries, it broadened the knowledge of next-generation engineers.