Gachon University ranked 8th in thesis performance in international journals

Professor Young-Soo Yoon of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering received the highest performance in terms of the total number of thesis as the main author as well as the total number of citations. Received the President's Special Encouragement Award.

Hydrogen cars vs electric cars, who will hold the hegemony of future cars - Professor Yoon Young-soo (Department of Materials Science and Engineering)

A 10-minute special lecture ‘G-TED’, where Gachon University professors appeared in person and explained useful content in their field of study in an easy-to-understand way. 

Professor Youngsoo Yoon of Gachon University, selected as a global talent nurturing project for the development of next-generation fuel cells 

Professor Young-soo Yoon's group from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Gachon University (President Gil-Yeo Lee) was recently selected for the 'Global Talent Nurturing Project' hosted by the Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning Institute. The project period is one year until June next year, and each student receives a research grant of 84000 US to carry out the human resources training project for the development of next-generation fuel cells.

This project is a project in which graduate students travel abroad for at least six months to conduct research and publish SCI thesis jointly with the other country, unlike the training of human resources in the past. In order to efficiently conduct advanced research, dispatched graduate students are provided with the full cost of living abroad, including research expenses during their stay in Korea and abroad, as well as the cost of issuing a J visa, medical insurance for international students, airfare and stay. A total of three graduate students are scheduled to be dispatched in December in such a way that about 84000US research funds are allocated to one student.

The students participating in Prof. Youngsoo Yun's research group (Master's course Jihyeok Choi, Haeun Kang, and Hyungwoo Min) participated in the proposal writing stage and presented their ideas, and directly designed the entire process, including signing an agreement with the other country's university, planning the research, and training for talent development.

The dispatched students are dispatched to Auburn University in Alabama, USA for six months to perform research projects in the energy sector that will lead the Green New Deal and carbon-neutral era, and are expected to be grow up as global innovative talents.

Professor Yoon Young-soo said, “It is of great value as students are dispatched to global institutions to conduct top-level research using English, and to learn challenge, positiveness and decisiveness.” “To give students more global education and research opportunities, We plan to actively promote the joint advisor system with advanced overseas universities, exchange of practical credits, joint degree examination and degree acquisition systems,” he said.

2021 Material Research Society Conference

We attended an offline MRS conference in Boston, USA. At Material Research Society(MRS), We introduced the research contents to other groups in each country on nuclear power and display materials studied in EML. While participating in global conferences, we shared research contents with people and confirmed potential for international joint research.

Professor Young-soo Yoon's research group achieved 28 cumulative SCI-level joint papers with Auburn University in the U.S.

A joint thesis between Professor Young-soo Yoon's research group and Professor Dong-Joo 'Daniel' Kim of Auburn University in the US has achieved 28 papers as of 2020. Professor Dong-Joo ‘Daniel’ Kim is the head of the Center at Auburn University’s MREC and Analytical Microscopy Center (AMC). With the research group of Professor Yoon Young-soo of Gachon University, starting with ‘International Collaborative Research for Direct Human Waste Fuel Cell Development’ as an international joint research in 2012, five research projects were carried out together.

   The research project topics are about the overall issues of fuel cell systems such as DUFC (Direct Urea Fuel Cell), DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell), Urea Detection Sensor, and Gas Sensing. So far, a total of 28 joint research SCI-level papers have been published, 29 human resources exchanges, and 20 domestic and foreign patents, showing excellent exchange research results.

Korea One Team's goal to preoccupy the global market for autonomous SMR

Faculty members of Gachon University, KAIST, UNIST, Sejong University, Chosun University, and Hanyang University established the 'Autonomous Operation Small Reactor Research Center (ERC) Korea One Team' to lead small nuclear power plant development technology. Small modular reactor (SMR) is a new technology emerging as the core of carbon-neutral technology and refers to those with an electrical output of less than 300MWe. Although this is less than one-tenth of the output scale of a large LWR, it is considered to be highly economical due to its high safety, low initial investment cost, short construction period, and quick recovery of funds. It is small and has the advantage of being widely used in the ocean, remote areas, space, and fresh water. This is also the reason why advanced countries in science are jumping into development to preoccupy the market. The goal of the Korea One group is to develop a source technology that adds the concept of autonomous driving to SMR technology. The strategy is to catch both rabbits with extreme safety and economy through innovation of existing nuclear power plant technology. Autonomous has yet to be achieved even on Newscale. Korea One Team Group 1 was in charge of the Nuclear reactor core  and fuel cycle (Kim Yong-hee KAIST, Yoon Jong-il KAIST, Lim Man-seong KAIST), and the 2nd group was in charge of systems and instrumentation and control (Lee Jeong-ik KAIST, Kim Jong-hyun Chosun University, Seong Pung-hyeon KAIST, Kim Seong-joong Hanyang University, Park Moon-gyu Sejong University). And the third group was in charge of nuclear fuel and materials research (Yoon Young-soo Gachon University, Chang-hee Chang KAIST, Ahn Sang-jun UNIST). The research group is seeking technological innovation in organic convergence research for autonomous SMR.