Attend NURER 2018 conference

Prof. Youngsoo Yoon's lab presented a poster about the research performance of 'Multi-tube technology for highly stable accident tolerant fuel in nuclear system'. In addition, various research contents were exchanged on 'nuclear', 'renewable energy science' and 'technology'.

Visit Date : 2018.09.31~10.03

Place : Ramada plaza, Jeju Island

Announcement of NGBS 2018 Seminar

Professor Youngsoo Yoon gave a seminar on the development of ultra-small/ultra-thin thin film battery manufacturing technology and major tasks at 'Next Generation Battery Seminat 2018' held at COEX on Thursday, July 12, 2018.

NGBA 2018 was a seminar where information on development trends and cathode and anode materials for next-generation battery development could be shared.

Participated in ISCEAS conference in Japan

Participated in the 'International Scientific Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences' held in Okinawa, Japan for various information exchanges. It was a conference where information on various fields as well as the energy field could be shared.

Visit Date : 2018.06.27~29

The 79th Gachon University Opening Ceremony

Professor Young-soo Yoon was selected as an excellent professor for the SCI-level thesis at the Gachon Academic Awards and was awarded the award.

Participated in ACENS conference in Japan

Participated in the "Asian Conference on Engineering and Natural Sciences" conference held in Osaka, Japan for various information exchanges. It was a forum to discuss research contents and results in various fields such as coating technology related to secondary battery, fuel cell and nuclear power.

Visit Date : 2018.02.06~08